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It’s just the beginning… Two friends, one a Pharmacist turned natural skincare formulator, the other a natural products enthusiast, over coffee decided to bring their idea of a totally unique, customizable natural skincare products to the marketplace! We created this blog site to write about our passion for healthy skincare. Here you will find stories, information, tips and some fun facts.

You will hear us say a lot " Do what you Love" We are doing just that!

We hope you enjoy our Lätt's Talk Skin Blog.

Stephanie & Carla

Some Of Our Amazing Products

Balm to Milk Cleanser

Timeless Moisturizer

Exfoliating Scrub

Our Happy Customers

I have been using Latt products for the past month and have nothing but praise for the new brand. The packaging is beautiful yet simple, the messaging is thoughtful and the products work.

I ordered the Latt Eye Cream, Timeless Serum and Timeless Oil, but also received samples of the new Milk Cleansing Balm and Creamy Scrub. The eye cream was rich and provided amazing hydration for my sensitive eye area, while the Timeless serum and oil have been a great addition to my nighttime routine. This duo goes on beautifully and guarantees a pretty morning glow. It is not too sticky or oily – it is a perfect balanced set. The Milky Cleansing Balm and Creamy Scrub are amazing! They both smell so good and leave my skin feeling extra soft and smooth.

I will most definitely be stocking up again soon!


"I am using these products and highly recommend them. My skin has never felt so clean, vibrant, nourished and smooth! Thank you!"

Shirley Thorpe

I love the Lätt Skin products!!

I just used the Lätt Creamy Gel Exfoliating Scrub which not only gently exfoliates but didn’t dry my face out and it also has an amazing scent that is very refreshing!! Again the Lätt Timeless Toner is light and absorbed easily, the Lätt Timeless Serum was next and I’ve used serum’s in the past that have left what feels like a coating on your skin, never fully being absorbed with a slightly greasy feel…but not this one!! It like the other products I’ve tried so far was light on the skin and felt like it absorbed rather than just covering the surface. The Lätt Timeless Moisturizing Cream again was not greasy when applied after the serum, it was perfectly balanced!! My face feels clean, refreshed, balanced and natural!!

Can’t wait to try the rest of the products!


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